Astrology week of january 6 2020

January 6, 2020

The South Node is your horoscope hometown, perhaps not the place you want to settle permanently, but somewhere cozy to visit when you need to feel a sense of place or belonging. The north node is the exact opposite zodiac sign of the south node. North Node activities require you to stretch out of your comfort zone. The sooner you align yourself with this path, the more purpose-driven your life will become. Astrologers use the lunar nodes to determine where your destiny lies north node and what you were in past lifetimes south node.

The nodes change signs every 18 months approximately. The nodes take into account the Sun, the moon and the earth.

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What was I in a past life? The nodes play a powerful role in non-Western astrology. For example, your south node is Virgo and their north node is Virgo.

If you combine your natural skills, you can be unstoppable. A huge influence who we learned so much from, Spiller passed away July Tomorrow might be similar, but there will never be another day exactly like today. Today, the moon is entering into Pisces. A Pisces moon in the solar month of Capricorn offers many wonderful qualities and opportunities.

Honesty and loyalty are qualities that we can connect to today. Be willing to be open and honest with the ones around you. Take advantage of the opportunities to show your loyalty to those you feel deserve it, whether it is your organization, work, spouse, or friend. This can interfere with your inner peace and balance.

Being conscious of the influences of the planets, with their opportunities and challenges, help us make the best out of each day.

We often ask ourselves many questions throughout life. But, what is life really trying to teach us?

January 2020 Astrology Predictions – Part One

What is the major barrier that prevents me from connecting to the Light completely? Today, the Sun and Pluto are having their unique and annual meeting. We are assisted in clearly identifying what our spiritual work is on our path towards transformation and growth. It is an incredible opportunity. Pay attention to what the Universe is trying to teach you today. If you feel that you cannot hear the message in your normal routine and atmosphere, take the time and go for a walk.

Open yourself up to the world. Ask the Creator to give you the clarity that is readily available today. The ability to address the needs of our soul is the reason we came to this world, and nothing brings greater joy and fulfillment. When the Moon and Mars are in the sign of Aries during Aquarius in the Kabbalistic Calendar, we are given a push to be ourselves without caring what other people might say or think.

We each came to this world with unique gifts, purposes, talents, and abilities that no one else on earth possesses. Today, do everything you can to discover your gifts. If you already know what they are, share them with the world and manifest them.

Weekly Horoscope for December 31, 2018 - January 6, 2019 - Gregory Scott Astrology

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Between Monday January 6th and Monday January 13th, , we see second week of January will meet his/her justice, according to. January 6, Calendar date and day info with US & International Holidays as 1st Monday of on the 2nd week of (using US standard week number calculation). January 6, Zodiac Sign. Zodiac. Capricorn.

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